Interfaith Panel: Nurturing a Culture of Just-Peace

On Wednesday, May 2, EDS sponsored an interfaith panel entitled “Nurturing Cultures of Just-Peace: Opening Local Faith-Communities for Inter-Faith Engagement." This panel brought together leaders from the Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, and Islamic traditions. From a local ministerial perspective, the goal for each panelist was to share their own experiences participating in interfaith conversations, especially they pertained to peace building efforts within each respective tradition.

Below are a series of six video clips featuring each of the panelist's remarks at the interfaith panel. 

Professor Christopher Duraisingh's Opening Remarks

Dr. Jared Kass shares perspectives from the Jewish faith tradition.

Ji Hyang Padma shares her thoughts on the Buddhist tradition. 

Swami Tyaganda, a Hindu monk, reflects on the Hindu tradition. 

Latifa Zyiad discusses the Islamic faith tradition. 

Dr. Kwok Pui Lan offers concluding comments from the panel.