Bloy House Partnership

Episcopal Divinity School and Bloy House, the Episcopal Theological School at Claremont, have partnered to offer Bloy House students the opportunity to earn an accredited Master of Divinity degree from Episcopal Divinity School.

Master of Divinity candidates through the Bloy House partnership must apply separately to both schools. If accepted, they may enroll in both institutions concurrently, or may elect to complete their final year of studies at EDS. Sixty credits from Bloy House and 24 credits from EDS are required to earn the degree; all transfer credits will be evaluated by the EDS Degrees Committee. 

Bloy House students may study either on-campus, beginning in September, or through our hybrid, distributive learning option, beginning in June. They may enroll concurrently in both schools or may plan to spend their final year entirely at EDS. EDS coursework always begins with the Foundations for Theological Praxis course and will include Field Education through EDS. Bloy House students will work closely with their EDS academic advisor to select the remainder of their courses and to determine their appropriate placement in a conference/cohort group. (For additional details on the EDS conference/cohort model, please see the Academic Handbook.) Bloy House students who wish to study at EDS should plan to do so early in their Master of Divinity studies and should remain in close communication with advisors at both Bloy House and EDS. We strongly encourage Bloy House students who plan to spend their final year solely at EDS and wish to complete CPE to do so before matriculating at EDS.

Bloy House students must complete the regular EDS application for admission, including statements, application fee, and background check. They may ask their Bloy House Program Administrator to send their original Bloy letters of recommendation to EDS. Because their degree will come from EDS, we require separate, official copies of all transcripts.

To discuss the impact that enrollment at EDS may have on your financial aid options, please contact Financial Aid Manager Valerie Paterson for information.