Alumni/ae Benefits and Services

Alumni/ae Inquiries: We are in the process of transferring all alumni/ae records to Union Theological Seminary, where they will be carefully maintained as distinct entities. In the meantime, please contact Interim President Bill Nelsen or Executive Assistant Jane Wagner by emailing, or calling 617-868-3450. By sometime next year a contact person for EDS alumni/ae will be housed at Union.
Alumni/ae Coordination and Activities: Currently discussions are underway among alumni/ae organizational leaders at both EDS and Union. We anticipate valuable ideas to be forthcoming for EDS alumni/ae services and events, including potential joint EDS/Union alumni/ae activities. More information will be shared this coming fall concerning new and effective ways to serve all EDS alums.

Transcripts: Complete the online request form available here. This request page includes a payment screen for the $7.00 transcript fee. At this time, transcripts can only be sent via paper and orders are typically filled within 3 business days. 
Library Privileges: EDS alumni/ae will continue to have access to the online Sherrill Library services through the end of 2017. Then EDS alums will be able to enjoy the same campus and library privileges as all Union alums, including access to Union’s Burke Library, part of Columbia University’s Library system, and one of the outstanding theological libraries of the world.

In the meantime, to access Sherrill Library resources, visit If you need login information, please email library staff at