Alumni/ae Awards

Distinguished Alumni/ae Award

Every year, this award is presented to alumni/ae who have done outstanding work in advancing the EDS mission of justice, compassion, and reconciliation for all, either within the EDS community or elsewhere. The Alumni/ae Executive Committee presents this award at Alumni/ae Days. Past recipients include:

2017    Zenetta Armstrong (EDS ’87), Laurel A. Dykstra (EDS ’97), and Mark Harris (ETS ’67, EDS ’95)

2016    Peter Selby (ETS ’66) and Elsa Walberg (ETS ’62)

2015    Christopher Duraisingh (ETS ’65) and E.F. Michael Morgan (PDS ’70)

2014    William W. Rankin (ETS ’66) and Judith Upham (ETS ’67)

2013    Norman Faramelli (PDS ’60) and Anne Fowler (EDS ’84)

2012    John J. Bishop (ETS ’52) and Thomas W. S. Logan (PDS ’41)

2011    Lin Knight (ETS ’62) and Richard Witt (EDS ’86)

2010    Jean Jersey (EDS ’87) and Bruce Lawrence (ETS ’67)

2009    Jim Adams (ETS ’58), Elly Andujar (EDS ’86), and Bill Spofford (ETS ’45)

2008    Margaret Bullitt-Jonas (EDS ’88)

2007    Carole Anderson (ETS ’70) and Richard Tolliver (ETS ’71)

2006    George Regas (ETS ’56) and Joe Cook, Jr. (ETS ’72)

2005    Deborah Little Wyman (EDS ’00) and Phillip Dana Wilson (ETS ’69)

2004    Antonio Ramos (ETS ’62) and Helen Havens (EDS ’75)

The Jean Steele ’68 Award

This award recognizes alumni/ae who exemplify extraordinary service to Episcopal Divinity School. The award was established in 2009 in recognition of Jean Steele ’68 and is given out by the Alumni/ae Executive Committee at Alumni/ae Days as the occasion arises. Past recipients include:

2017    Matthew P. Cadwell (EDS ’99), Francis Fornaro (EDS ’96), and James Lowell Shannon (PDS ’73)

2015    David Siegenthaler (ETS ’55)

2012    Edward Rodman (ETS ’67)

2010    Ann Franklin (EDS ’86, ’91)

2009    Jean Steele (ETS ’68)

The Rev. Dr. Suzanne R. Hiatt Award

Named in honor of the Rev. Dr. Suzanne R. Hiatt, whose quiet persistence, love of the church and passion for justice modeled for all of us a vision of the best of what an individual in ministry can offer the church and the world. The award is presented to an alumnus/a no more than ten years out of EDS (or for work done during the recipient’s first ten years after graduation), for work in some way reflective of Sue Hiatt’s “pioneering, prophetic, and pastoral” ministry.

2017    Alexizendria Link (EDS ’08) and Jim Merritt (EDS ’08, ’11)

2016    Amity Carrubba (EDS ’06)

2015    Mary Wetzel (EDS ’06)