Alumni/ae Executive Committee

The Alumni/ae Executive Committee (AEC) is made up of seventeen alumni/ae members, and one alumni/ae representative to the board of trustees, elected by the members of the Alumni/ae Association on an annual rotating basis.

The purpose of AEC is to support and strengthen the mission and ministry of the School. Toward that end we commit ourselves to the following goals:

  • To pray for members of the school community and our brothers and sisters who are graduates.
  • To promote effective communication among graduates of the School and the School’s trustees, administrators, faculty, and students.
  • To be advocates of the School and its mission, and to raise issues of significance on behalf of the Church for the School’s agenda.
  • To identify the needs of alumni/ae and be advocates for their concerns.
  • To promote interest in the School among those who seek graduate theological education through active participation in recruitment and deployment.
  • To participate actively in stewardship efforts.

AEC Members

Term Expires 2018

The Rev. Cn. Dr. Katharine Black, EDS ’86
The Rev. Dr. Matthew Cadwell, EDS ’99 (Co-President)
The Rev. Elizabeth Colton, EDS ’04
The Rev. Jane MacIntyre, EDS ’06 (Recording Secretary)
The Rev. Stephen Voysey, EDS

Term Expires 2019

The Rt. Rev. Carol J. Gallagher, EDS ’89 (Co-President)
The Rev. April Alford-Harkey,
EDS ’09
The Rev. Tom E. Mathews, EDS ’03
Ms. Karen Meridith, EDS ’05
The Rt. Rev. John L. Raab, EDS ’76 (Alumni/ae Representative to the Board of Trustees)

The Rev. Harry E. Walton, Jr., EDS

Term Expires 2020

The Rev. Dr. Koshy Mathews, EDS ’00
Dr. Jennifer Lynne Morazes, EDS ’00
The Rev. Deborah A. Phillips, EDS ’90 (Secretary)
The Rev. Diane C.K. Wong, EDS ’99

Elected by the Student Executive Committee (Term Expires 2018)

The Rev. Dr. Pamela Conrad, EDS ’17
Ms. Lisa Devine,
EDS ’17
Mr. Andrew Heintz,
EDS ’17