Masters/Certificate Essay Topics

Please upload your responses through the online application. You may upload them in a single file or two separate files.

Personal essay 1. Autobiographical Statement. Attach to this application a statement of not more than 1500 words in which you give as full a picture of yourself as you can. Some things to consider:

      • Your reasons for undertaking theological study
      • Your objectives in entering the degree program for which you are applying
      • How you think the Episcopal Divinity School can help you achieve these objectives
      • Your understanding of Church and its ministry
      • An assessment of your strengths and limitations
      • Issues of contemporary life about which you are most deeply concerned

Personal essay 2. EDS is committed to multicultural, anti-oppression dialogue, theological reflection, and prophetic action. These are starting points to analyze various forms of oppression and their intersections. Write a 500-word essay reflecting on how the ways in which gender, racial identity, sexual identity, class, ability, and/or other related issues may affect this dialogue, theological reflection and prophetic action.