Severe Weather Closings or Delay

EDS will take several factors into account when deciding whether EDS will be closed, delayed, or will close early due to weather conditions including the advice of the state and local authorities, the severity of expected impact based on local forecasts, as well as knowledge of classes and campus activities.

In the case of school closing, delayed opening, or an early closing, once a decision is made, weather related announcements will communicated through a number of different methods:

  1. A special alert notice will be added to the Welcome sidebar on the EDS homepage. 
  2. An annoucement will be posted on EDS’s Facebook page and through EDS’s Twitter account. 
  3. Notification will also be sent out via EDS’s Send Word Now service. 
  4. Local news channels 4, 5,and 7, and will also carry EDS closing information in their school closing listings. 
  5. The main phone number voice message will alert callers to the closing or delay.
On campus students and faculty, should you experience a loss of power please call Lesley Security at 617-349-8888, as well as 617-682-1515 (EDS emergency contact).