Staff Listing


Bauer-Levesque, Angela Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean
D'Souza, Diane Director of The Mission Institute 617-682-1505
Ernst, Katie Program Manager, The Mission Institute
Magill, Liz Program Coordinator, Faith-Based Leadership
McCreath, Amy Director of Field/Contextual Education 617-682-1571

President and Deans Office

Fornaro, Francis Interim President and Dean 617-682-1519
Wagner, Jane Executive Assistant to the President and Dean 617-682-1519

Information Technology and Library Services

Carr, Chris Director of Technology Services 617-682-1529
Kaloyanides, Ian Audio/Visual Support Specialist 617-682-1550
Kinkade, Scott IT Support and Operations Manager
Trainor, Steve Database and System Administrator 617-682-1577
Fluet, Aura Sr. Assistant Director, Library Services 617-682-1523
Klenk, Amanda EDS Library Assistant, Serials and Reserves 617-349-8822
Mulligan, Anne-Marie EDS Collection Services Librarian 617-349-8824

Institutional Advancement

Aier, Justin Director of Communications and Marketing 617-682-1545
Dailey, Janine Vice President of Institutional Advancement 617-682-1532
Hart, Kathleen Director of the Annual Fund 617-682-1542
Maccioli, Denise Office Manager and Development Associate 617-682-1566

Student and Business Services

Anderson, Ashley Manager of Program Initiatives 617-682-1535
Cull, Cecelia Manager of Student Records, Registrar  617-682-1525
Hughes, Brendan Vice President of Enrollment Management 617-682-1502
Judge, William Vice President of Finance and Operations 617-682-1501
Kody, Hillary Manager of Recruitment and Admissions
Manning, Joanne  Controller  617-682-1521 
O'Brien, Rhonda Institutional Support Specialist 617-682-1501
Paterson, Valerie  Financial Aid Manager and Financial Analyst 617-682-1593 
Stallings, Samaria Director of Human Resources  617-682-1508 

Student and Community Life

Eoyang, Thomas Dean of Students and Community Life 617-682-1501
Oak, Ellen Director of Liturgy, Music, and the Arts  617-682-1569
Stiles, Katherine  Pastoral Counseling and Guidance   617-868-3545

Security/Public Safety 617-871-6029