Institutional Grants and Scholarships

Scholarships for the 2015-16 Academic Year

We are offering twenty additional student scholarships in the 2015–16 academic year. Of the twenty scholarships, ten will be full tuition scholarships for master’s degree candidates, five of which will be awarded to students of color. The remaining scholarships will be first year scholarships with a school commitment to meet all financial need through financial aid in subsequent years.

The scholarships are open to all master’s degree program applicants and will be awarded to accepted students who demonstrate both a promising future in ministry or the academy and financial need. Students awarded a first year scholarship will work with the Office of Financial Aid to assemble an assistance package that spans students’ full academic tenure at the school.


Financial Need-Based Grants

The school awards institutional grants primarily based on financial need. Most students qualify for a need-based grant. The average institutional financial grant received by students on financial aid amounts to 70% of tuition costs.

The school follows the federal definition of financial need, which is the positive difference between the overall nine months cost of attendance, minus the expected family contribution. The expected family contribution is a number generated by federal calculators based on income, assets, and cost of living and financial support of dependents. 

Part-time students are funded at the same level as full-time students; they receive institutional scholarships provided that they register for a minimum of 6 credit hours in each term. (There are two terms in each academic year.)

To apply for financial need-based grants, please follow the financial aid application instructions on the Financial Assistance page.

Financial Grants for Hotel Housing for Distributive Learning Students During June and January Sessions

Beginning in January 2014, EDS has offered more flexibility to off-campus students regarding housing for the intensive sessions of January and June. Students have the choice to stay at a EDS selected hotel close to the school or choose their own housing. This flexibility allows students to have more control over their cost of housing and over their housing choice.

EDS wants to make the hotel choice affordable for all. To this end, students who are looking for a grant to help pay for the hotel must submit a financial aid application and complete a FAFSA form (see above). All Distributive Learning students are welcome to apply for this grant.

The grant can be up to $1,250 per intensive session. 

Merit Scholarships

EDS awards several merit scholarships each year to both prospective and continuing students. All students must apply for merit scholarships separately from financial aid.

Merit Scholarships for Prospective Students

EDS Merit Scholarship

Open to master's degree candidates, the EDS Merit Scholarship is awarded to two accepted students each academic year. Interested applicants must have a documented history of high academic performance with an average GPA of 3.8 as shown on an undergraduate or graduate transcript. The Financial Aid committee will also consider candidates' application essays when awarding the Merit Scholarship. The EDS Merit Scholarship covers 100% of tuition costs  until graduation provided that the scholarship recipient maintains a 3.8 GPA average every year. 

Application for the EDS Merit Scholarship must be submitted at the same time as the application for admission. Download the EDS Merit Scholarship Application [PDF].

Merit Scholarhips for Returning Students

The Louise Whittemore Scholarship

Open to all returning EDS students, the Louise Whittemore Scholarship is awarded for high academic performance at EDS. 

Academic Merit Scholarships for Returning Students

Each academic year, the academic dean may award up to eight of the best academically-performing continuing students with merit scholarships. Awards typically range between $3,000 to $6,000 per student, per year.

Restricted Scholarships

Restricted scholarships are reserved for students who meet specific critera, usually established by groups or individuals who have established each respective scholarship fund. EDS offers many restricted scholarships for which both prospective and continuing students may apply. 

To apply for any restricted scholarship, please complete the application linked in the scholarship description, or contact Financial Aid Manager Valerie Paterson at or 617-682-1593. 

The Bishop's Scholarship

The Bishop’s Scholarship is a new and innovative program designed to help students limit their student loan debt and to help sponsoring dioceses place EDS graduates in congregations where they are needed most.

The scholarship is available to Episcopalian MDiv candidates who are on the path to ordination. To be eligible for the Bishop’s Scholarship, the candidate’s sponsoring diocese must agree to hire the student full-time after his or her graduation for a period of five years.

The scholarship includes a financial award equal to 80% of full tuition while the student is in school, and up to a total of $25,000 of student loan forgiveness over five years after graduation.

The goal of the scholarship is to help students pay off educational debt quickly and assist sponsoring dioceses to choose and retain promising EDS graduates. For more information, please contact Hillary Kody, manager of admissions, at, or Valerie Paterson, financial aid manager, at

Dioceses who need to discuss sponsoring a student for the Bishop’s Scholarship can contact William Judge, CFO, at

The Absalom Jones Scholarship

The Absalom Jones Scholarship Fund was established at EDS to support African-Americans preparing for ministry in the Episcopal Church. To be considered, a person must be an African-American with US citizenship, a confirmed Episcopalian, either a current full-time MDiv student at EDS or an MDiv applicant who has been admitted to EDS as a full-time student, someone who has the demonstrated intention of preparing for ordained ministry in the Episcopal Church, and demonstrates financial need.

In the academic year 2013-14 EDS will award one full tuition scholarship. The scholarship will cover 70% of tuition costs in subsequent years until graduation. This application is due to the financial aid department by Friday, March 13, 2015. Download the Absalom Jones Scholarship Application [PDF]

Episcopal Asia America Ministry (EAM) Scholarship:

Asian Applicants for the DMin program may benefit from supplemental grants thanks to our newly funded project for theological education for Asian American students. The scholarship covers a minimum of $9,000 of the cost of attending during the program time.

Other restricted scholarship funds:

  • The Lambda Scholarship for gay and lesbian students
  • The Hobson Scholarship for married men ($2,000 per year based on availability)
  • The Jessie May Metz Memorial for unmarried students preparing to become Episcopal priests
  • The Gayley Fund for married students
  • The Luther Tucker Fund for students from the diocese of Southern Ohio preferably, or any other students ($3,000 or more per student)
  • The Sadi Rena Connell Fund for students sponsored by All Saints Parish in Brookline, then from St Stephen's Episcopal Church, then to any student designate by the dean
  • The Marguerite Jacobs Fund for students nominated by the bishop of Albany
  • The Moses and Margaret King Scholarship for students coming from Shaker Heights, Ohio, then Cleveland, then southern California
  • The J Rawson Collins Scholarship Fund for minority or international students
  • The Alfred Jones Scholarship for African-American confirmed Episcopalian who started the ordination process
  • The Frederica Thompsett Scholarship for lay Episcopal leadership
  • The Blanche Uhl Scholarship for Episcopal students

To apply for any restricted scholarship, please complete the application linked in the scholarship description, or contact Financial Aid Manager Valerie Paterson at or 617-682-1593.

At this time, only domestic students are eligible for financial need-based grants and merit scholarships. International students should visit the International Applicants page for more information.