Dr. Gale A. Yee

PhD, University of Toronto, St. Michael’s College
BA, MA, Loyola University of Chicago

“In today’s world the struggle over the interpretation of the bible affects many who have been marginalized by it: women, the poor, people of color, sexual minorities, and so forth. I try to help my students look at bible through new lenses that interpret the texts from the perspectives of race/ethnicity, economic class, gender construction, and sexual orientation. They begin to see how the interpretation of the text and the analysis of the global events coincide and have direct impacts on each other.”

Dr. Gale A. Yee, Nancy W. King Professor of Biblical Studies, joined the EDS faculty in 1998, after many years at the University of St. Thomas (St. Paul, MN) as a Professor of Hebrew Bible and Director of Women’s Studies. Although grounded in traditional historical critical methods, she enjoys applying the newer methodologies and approaches to the study of the biblical text, such as postcolonial criticism, ideological criticism, and cultural criticism. Yee also explores feminist theory and Asian American Studies to enhance her interpretations of the Bible.

She is particularly active in the Society of Biblical Literature, and was general editor of its series Semeia Studies for a number of years. She is currently an editor of the Texts@Contexts Series for Fortress Press, which is devoted to contextual examinations of the Bible. She is also the co-editor of Fortress Bible Commentary project, which will not only approach the text from a historical-critical critical perspective, but also deal with its reception history and application to contemporary issues. The author and editor of several books and many articles, Professor Yee’s current book project is Open Your Hand to the Poor: The Creation of Poverty in Ancient Israel, which operates under the assumption that if poverty was historically created, it can be historically eliminated.

Her book Poor Banished Children of Eve: Woman as Evil in the Hebrew Bible (Fortress Press) has been widely acclaimed as a major contribution to feminist biblical scholarship and an exemplary study utilizing ideological criticism. She also researches the sexual depiction of Hebrew Bible women in art. Yee earned her BA and MA at Loyola University of Chicago, and her PhD at University of Toronto, St. Michael’s College.

In May 2015, Dr. Yee was awarded the Krister Stendahl Medal in Biblical Studiesawarded annually to an eminent Biblical scholarby the Graduate Theological Foundation in Mishawaka, IN.