Employee Benefits

Episcopal Divinity School offers an excellent benefits package for faculty and administrative employees, including:

  • Health Insurance—Choice of four health plans administered through Church Medical Trust (Aetna HMO, Cigna OAP-IN, Empire BCBS EPO 90, and Empire BCBS PPO 90/70). Choice of three Cigna Dental plans. Vision benefit is provided through EyeMed.
  • Holidays—Eleven regular holidays, plus Winter Break between Christmas and New Year's.
  • Meal Allowance—Employees receive a meal credit for use at the refectory, Brattle Cafe.
  • Retirement Plan—After six months of employment, EDS contributes 10% of each eligible employee's salary up to $17,700, and 15% above $17,700, into TIAA-CREF. Payments which would have been made during the initial six months accrue and are paid into the plan once the employee becomes eligible to participate. Clergy and faculty members receive 18% of total compensation paid to their retirement plan (Church Pension, TIAA-CREF, etc.)
  • Transportation—Parking space on campus for $35 a month. MBTA "T Pass" available at 25% discount via payroll deduction (pre-tax basis).
  • Vacation and Personal Days—Employees accrue 0.833 vacation days per month during the first two years of employment; in years three and four, vacation accrual increases to 1.25 days per month (rising to 1.67 days accrual per month in year five). Three "use or lose" personal days per fiscal year in addition to vacation days. Employees are eligible to take vacation days after six months of employment.

Other Benefits

EDS employees may also take advantage of the following benefits: