Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree program provides an opportunity for persons engaged in active ministry to combine advanced study in the classical disciplines of theological inquiry with active reflection on the experience of ministry.

Designed as a second professional degree for individuals with at least three years of lay or ordained ministry experience after seminary, the primary focus of the DMin program is integrating the student’s vocational experience with academic study. The equivalent of an MDiv degree is required for admission into the program.

The program is based on our conviction that persons who are engaged in the practice of ministry are required to be working theologians, engaging in critical reflection on the questions and issues encountered in their ministry. Therefore, the program provides a setting in which ministers, lay and ordained, may improve their practice of ministry through focused theological reflection. It is expected that persons enrolled in the program will broaden the content of their theological knowledge, improve their ability to analyze problems and issues that emerge from their ministerial settings, and develop theological understanding that both reflects and informs their ministries.

The DMin program is specifically designed for persons who are able to identify their particular interests and needs for intellectual and professional development. The program may be used to enhance effectiveness in ministry or to prepare for a new ministerial direction or focus. Course offerings allow for maximum flexibility and the participation of individuals pursuing full-time ministry. In all cases, admission to the DMin program will depend on the availability of academic resources for an applicant’s intended program and on how that program relates to the established areas of emphasis within the EDS curriculum. The DMin program is built around intensive January and June terms.