Liturgy Learning Lab

Join Lifelong Learning at EDS in discovering faithful innovations in liturgy and worship! We experiment not for the sake of creating something new, but so that we might be open to change and the Spirit’s call to the churches today. After worship, we will gather to share lunch and to discuss our experience in worship and how we might integrate these practices in our own communities.

Come join us for worship, lunch, and discussion! Lunch provided, children welcome.

“Standing on Holy Ground”
Worship Leader: Kristina Keefe-Perry
Thursday, March 23, 12:00pm
St. John’s Memorial Chapel

We are living in precarious times where the destruction of ecosystems, the destabilization of climate, and the dislocation of people and cultures seem of Biblical proportion. Ellen Davis, from Duke Divinity school has commented: “We are, in fact, proceeding to return God’s handiwork to formlessness and waste.” In this worship we will consider what wisdom the words of the Prophet Jeremiah have for us. Together we will engage in lamentation—creating an artful manifestation of our grief. We will also sing, dance, and remember that the love of God is deep and wide and works through us.

About the Worship Leader

Kristina Keefe-PerryKristina Keefe-Perry is a Quaker minister and member of Fresh Pond Monthly Meeting, New England Yearly Meeting. She grew up in California among redwood and live oak trees and followed her passion and call into many areas of work and geographies including photography, farming, and teaching. Kristina graduated from Boston University’s School of Theology with an MDiv. She facilitates retreats and leads worship in Quaker churches, Baptist churches, and other settings. She served as the minister for Earth community at Common Street Spiritual Center for three years and coordinates creation care ministry for the American Baptist Churches in Massachusetts. She is is the mother of a first grader, a wife, childbirth doula, master composter, and loves singing. As a permaculture designer, she finds that sometimes the things that present themselves as challenges are really as-yet-to-be innovations.


12:00-1:00pm: Worship
1:00-1:45pm Lunch and Feedback

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